How to Nail your Gifting Game for the Intense Scorpio.

How to Nail your Gifting Game for the Intense Scorpio.

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The cold winters are gradually growing over the setting sun and as the days get shorter, we enter the month of the intense Scorpios. Born between October 23rd and November 22, this sign is ruled by Mars and share the Water Sign with Cancers and Pisces. As fiery, and, aggressive as Mars this sign maybe, they’re also emotional and intense like the waves of the sea. They’re the best of Fire & Water and if we had to define them in a few words, they’d be: real, dark, graceful & passionate.

As a zodiac that hates overly optimistic and sugar-sweet talking, they prefer directness in every aspect of their life. As understanding and ancient as oldies, these signs love anything that’s vintage and make them stand out of the crowd and show their “anti-social” nature. But don’t let this seriousness alarm you, it’s the fact that makes them so desirable after all!

To get an even closer idea about how Scorpios can be, here is a list of celebrities you can relate to:

Shahrukh Khan
Sushmita Sen
Zeenat Aman
Kamal Hassan

Now, on what to buy for our mysterious Scorpios, we have a list made, just for you.

1. The king of darkness, this sign is ruled by colors on the darker spectrum, and most commonly ruled by black and scarlet. A simple red rose bouquet can work wonders. Here’s ours:

Red roses – 10

2. A mystic and dark sign that loves a gift that depicts their darkness and mystery. This beautiful ceramic bowl in brown and white ombre might just be the right fit!

Ceramic Bowl

3. Not overly sweet, not overly direct, but just the right fit! A set of two lilies in a beautifully mystic basket to make your Scorpion’s day!

Ceramic Bowl


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